North Coast Artist Management

A hard hitting DJ playing anything from Trap to Hardstyle to Dirty Electro. You can count on DJ Rogue Red to pump up any party, that he is a part of. Anything from playing as a featured artist at shows and festivals, to providing sound, lights, and entertainers, as co-founder of the production company, ADHD Sound System. Rogue Red is a whirlwind of positive energy and passion for, not only, electronic music, but also the scene and culture that surrounds it. With each set he brings more than enough drive, enthusiasm, and skill for the whole venue to be well engaged, and ready to enjoy the show! He brings all the heavy bass, in trap fueled sets with hints of dubstep, that ensure you’ll be dancing the entire time. In short, DJ Rogue Red is a must see, must have artist, at any event or festival.

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